I joined Rock of Ages Empowerment Foundation (RAEF) in 2012 and was empowered in 2015 with N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira only). After that, I started producing soap, Vaseline, air freshener, perfume and hair cream. I supply disinfectant to hospitals. I am glad God is helping me. I now have one child in higher institution. I thank God for the founder. This knowledge he imparted in our lives has really helped me. I now train others on how to make these things and I make money from the training. I also have a place where I supply soap. I want to thank Rock of Ages Empowerment Foundation. I tell my children that the Founder IG Newman is God sent and a blessing to mankind. He has been a father. He has given us hope. This business now keeps me busy. I also pray for the founder that his wife will never suffer what we suffered.”